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Blog Posts 11.25.14
President Obama announced his courageous first step to fixing our broken immigration system last week – and the editorial reviews are in...
Press Releases 11.25.14
“However disappointed we may be in the decision by the grand jury in St. Louis County, we must hold the family of Michael Brown in our hearts."
Blog Posts 11.25.14
This morning, Yahoo News reported that – in his rush to soothe his Tea Party base – Speaker Boehner reappointed Rep. Trey Gowdy to head the Select Committee on Benghazi.  There is a problem, though: …Boehner named a chairman to a panel... Continue ...
Press Releases 11.24.14
“Secretary Hagel exemplifies the enduring commitment of our veterans who continue to contribute to our country as civilians, civic leaders, and public officials."
Blog Posts 11.21.14
Last night, President Obama addressed the nation highlighting his courageous first step to fix our broken immigration system – and what do top Republicans advise their temper tantrum GOP colleagues to do?
Press Releases 11.21.14
“After scouring Washington for months, Republicans have finally found a TV lawyer to file their meritless lawsuit."
Press Releases 11.21.14
“Speaker Boehner has led some of the most obstructive, unproductive and self-destructive congresses in the history of our nation."
Press Releases 11.21.14
“Tonight, President Obama announced bold action to bring our broken immigration system into line with our values as a people and our needs as a nation."
Press Releases 11.20.14
"The action the President will take this week is about securing the border and holding undocumented immigrants accountable."
Blog Posts 11.20.14
Tonight, the President will outline his plan to help fix our broken immigration system and secure our future – showing strong leadership where Republicans have failed to act.  But all House Republicans know is distraction, obstruction and dysfunction, so their reaction to... Continue ...
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